Who we are

Grillys 9305 is a chic and trendy new eatery.

Design your own plate by handpicking a mix of crisp fruits and vegetables from our buffet salad bar. We prepare our meals using only the very best ingredients from local food producers, and we represent the very best of Quebec cuisine.

A go-to spot if you’re looking to get a taste of Montreal’s unique flair and charm. A hot spot for those both casual and refined looking to start and end their day.

We offer a modern venue for your memorable private parties and special events, the room is offered at no additional charge (max 65 capacity).

Situated in the heart of St-Leonard, a new kind of neighborhood eatery awaits you. We warmly invite you to a world like no other.

Montreal’s trendy side has never tasted so good!



Who we are
Our specialty

Our specialty

Whether your preference is grilled, fried or roasted, our meats are served golden on the outside and tender and juicy in the inside. Our homemade sauces will heighten your taste buds for our signature dishes.

MEATUS@Grillys 9305.





Grillys 9305 has a deep menu, with items such as salmon, brochettes, souvlaki, fish'n chips, filet of sole, sandwiches and wraps, chicken burgers, chicken wings, mini-burgers, steaks, spaghetti, fettucine, chicken fajitas, chicken parmigiana, smoked meat, pulled pork, General Tao and poutine.

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Our specialty

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John smith

This place is great.....Good food good service Staff is really nice....salad bar is great I had the whisky burger it was yummy can't wait to go back.......

Submitted date: 2017-01-06

Tony di marco

Love it here food was great....

Submitted date: 2017-01-06

Roberto Panza

I really like it here place looks nice clean bathrooms...I had a party for 20 People they catered to us..Everyone love there food... I had the piri piri chicken man was it good.... Can't wait to go back.... Price is very fair......

Submitted date: 2017-01-06

Penny Kioussis

This place is fabulous!!! I loved the décor. They had clean bathrooms. The food was really good and the prices were reasonable. I will definitely go back.

Submitted date: 2017-01-11


The food is very good, there are great options, prices are affordable. It's a nice place to go with family, friends or even coworkers for lunch. The salad bar is a great touch. Staff is friendly and service is good. I really enjoy coming here.

Submitted date: 2017-02-19


The staff is ALWAYS smiling and friendly. The food is very good. As a small family of 3, we go there pretty often. Very affordable. I am definitely recommanding this place.

Submitted date: 2017-04-18

Serge Leblanc

Att : George Tsonis Hello George, I have been a customer of Grillys for several years now and have always appreciated the food and atmosphere. Today, I happen to be walking by when I saw your sign indicating ‘Souper Dansant’. This was a pleasant surprise and I will certainly be there on the 29th of March. Having been in the entertainment business, I had actually been contemplating approaching management with an entertainment project that we have been currently working on. We have been preparing a Soupé-Dansant entertainment program geared specifically for the 45+ clientele. Since there are very few places in Montréal where the 45+ crowd can find a dine and dance venue we decided to create a program and are now looking to launch it. Your venue could be ideal for this. You can find more details and a sampling on our web-site. See link below Le Cabaret Rétro The main features of our program are: • Primarily designed to attract the 45+ clientele who seek to dine and dance. • The evenings are hosted by a professional radio announcer from the era of the 70’s and 80’s • We will promote your venue through our existing network of contacts. • Our music program includes audio and video presentations covering music from the big band era to today. • We entertain and interact very discretely with the clientele. For example we encourage special requests from the clientele. • During the dinner hours we gear the music program to be sensitive to the clientele and increase the tempo slowly as needed and as the evening progresses. • Very high quality presentations. This program is now ready to launch and we are very open to discussions with you on how we can bring this program to Grillys on a win-win arrangement. Please contact me at 514.929.4425 and possibly we could meet tonight on Mar 29. Thank you, Serge Leblanc

Submitted date: 2019-03-29